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Rule of Law (法治)

中国出台司法改革文件强调审判独立 (China issues judiciary reform directive with emphasis on trial independence)
British Broadcasting Corporation, October 30, 2013

最高人民法院关于切实践行司法为民大力加强公正司法不断提高司法公信力的若干意见 (Supreme People’s Court’s Opinions on Strengthening Justice for the People, Raising Credibility of Judicial Fairness)
China Court, October 29, 2013

陈永洲案被指多处程序违法 律师观察团拟全程跟踪事件 (Many procedural flaws found in Chen Yongzhou’s case, lawyer-observer groups plan to track case development)
Radio Free Asia, October 30, 2013