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Access to Justice (司法公正)

北京“民告官” 乡镇政府败诉率居首 (Beijing's high court issues 2014 report on administrative lawsuits, village and township government litigants are most frequent losers)
People’s Daily, May 13, 2015

Tiger chairs, electric batons, and chili oil: report finds Chinese police are still torturing suspects
Vice News, May 13, 2015

人权观察:警察刑讯在中国仍普遍存在 (Human Rights Watch: Police torture is still common in China)
Voice of America, May 14, 2015

Tiger Chairs and Cell Bosses: police torture of criminal suspects in China
Human Rights Watch, May 13, 2015

内蒙古开通蒙汉双语12348热线 打造公共法律服务平台 (Inner Mongolia launches Mongolian-Chinese bilingual hotline as a public legal service platform)
Legal Daily, May 14, 2015

家庭暴力引发“母亲杀子”悲剧 北京二中院昨公开审理此案 (Beijing court hears case of mother killing son in family with history of domestic violence)
China Women's News, May 13, 2015

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