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Hong Kong (香港)

Hong Kong braces for fresh protests as activists target airport
Al Jazeera, August 23, 2019

Hong Kong court extends restrictions on airport protesters: state TV
Reuters, August 23, 2019

Hong Kong families form peaceful human chains ahead of airport protest
Reuters, August 22, 2019

Hong Kong court extends interim injunction at airport amid continuing threat of disturbances
The Guardian, August 22, 2019

MTR Corporation wins injunction to keep Hong Kong protesters off railway property after protests at stations this week
South China Morning Post, August 23, 2019

10 universities to boycott classes for two weeks
The Standard, August 23, 2019

Woman arrested at anti-government protest accuses Hong Kong police of humiliating and unnecessary strip search
South China Morning Post, August 23, 2019

Identification of Hong Kong riot officers using undisclosed codes on helmets is “unsatisfactory”, police watchdog says, calling for clarity and accountability
South China Morning Post, August 23, 2019

Police watchdog member walks back support for officers not wearing ID numbers amid Hong Kong anti-government protests
South China Morning Post, August 23, 2019

Hong Kong protests: young, educated mainland Chinese are questioning their place in the city
South China Morning Post, August 23, 2019

Protest fears stalk Hong Kong businesses as China threat looms
Reuters, August 23, 2019

A Cathay Pacific labor leader was fired for her Facebook posts on Hong Kong’s protests
Quartz, August 23, 2019

一群國泰港龍員工:嚴厲譴責國泰及香港機場地勤公司違反《基本法》及《香港人權法案》 (Cathay Dragon staff issue joint letter condemning Cathay Pacific and Airport Services for violating Basic Law and Bill of Rights)
Stand News, August 23, 2019

【國泰受壓】國泰發新指引 對員工參與非法活動零容忍 員工社交媒體表態亦受管 (Cathay Pacific issues new internal guidelines, stating “zero tolerance” for participation in illegal activities, social media will be monitored)
Stand News, August 23, 2019

Cathay Pacific staff warned over social media use as airline deals with fallout from Chinese aviation authority move
South China Morning Post, August 23, 2019

Hong Kong unions urge Cathay Pacific to end “white terror”
Reuters, August 23, 2019

A Hong Kong “troublemaker” with a clean conscience
The New York Times, August 23, 2019

Hong Kong protests: gentler approach to resolving stand-offs “worth considering”, says police officer whose efforts to persuade youths to go home went viral online
South China Morning Post, August 23, 2019

Woman who suffered severe eye injury during Hong Kong protest has not gone blind, hospital source says
South China Morning Post, August 23, 2019

Thousands of Hong Kong accountants join protest march – despite pleas from employers and promise of free lunches
South China Morning Post, August 23, 2019

As Hong Kong firms fall in line over protests, some workers push back
The New York Times, August 23, 2019

香港抗议持续 盘点中国采取的五大应对办法 (Roundup of the 5 measures China has taken against Hong Kong’s protests)
BBC, August 23, 2019

「和理同行」指獨立調查是港人最大公因數 張達明批對話平台作用成疑 (Scholar doubts use of “communication platform” suggested by Carrie Lam, reiterates independent investigation is “highest common factor” among Hong Kong people), August 23, 2019

港鐵站務主任實名聯署 促管理層譴責警方車站內不負責任行動 (MTR’s station managers urge corporation to condemn irresponsible actions by police in rail stations, conduct thorough cleaning of stations to clear toxic tear gas residues), August 23, 2019

Chinese students in Australia 'wedged' by politics back home
Channel News Asia, August 23, 2019

Hong Kong: Protesters demand justice for masked mob who attacked them with metal rods and clubs
Vice News, August 23, 2019

Pro-Beijing lawmaker Alice Mak sues two Hong Kong democrats for defamation, accusing them of linking her to Yuen Long attack
South China Morning Post, August 22, 2019

Hong Kong's political crisis reverberates through its big-name brands
Radio Free Asia, August 22, 2019

Banks in Hong Kong condemn violence, urge restoration of 'harmony'
Reuters, August 21, 2019

Hong Kong businesses fear protests will push economy into recession
The Guardian, August 22, 2019

警方朗讀網上言論批市民散播仇恨 否認針對示威者 (Police use press conference to highlight hate speech by protesters against police, journalists criticize omission of threats by police supporters), August 22, 2019

China's state media accuses worker at UK consulate “of visiting prostitutes”
The Guardian, August 22, 2019

Family of UK Hong Kong consulate worker reject “made-up” report about arrest over prostitution
The Telegraph, August 23, 2019

Britain presses for information on HK consulate worker detained in China
Reuters, August 22, 2019

英国驻港领事馆职员深圳被拘 香港集会声援 吁英国救人 (“Free Simon Cheng”: Hong Kong citizens rally outside British Consulate urging steps to rescue staff detained by mainland authorities)
Radio France Internationale, August 21, 2019

加拿大據報暫停駐港總領事館香港僱員往中國內地公幹 (Canada suspends work trips into mainland by consulate staff in Hong Kong)
Radio Television Hong Kong, August 23, 2019

Canadian consulate suspends travel to China for Hong Kong staff
Reuters, August 22, 2019

Hong Kong Protests: Youth try to define city’s future
Al Jazeera, August 22, 2019

“We must defend our city”: A day in the life of a Hong Kong protester
The Guardian, August 22, 2019



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