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Hong Kong (香港)

Tear gas and Molotovs as Hong Kong rally descends into multi-district skirmishes
Hong Kong Free Press, October 28, 2019

《HKFP》:自由身記者 May James 旺角被捕 為記協及 FCC 會員 有帶證件及穿反光背心 (Freelance journalist May James arrested in Mongkok after asking police officers to show warrant cards)
Stand News, October 27, 2019

Reporters get shot, sprayed, jostled by police
Radio Television Hong Kong, October 27, 2019

【10.27 九龍】警多次強扯記者防毒面具 斥「冇得豁免」 《立場》記者腿中彈受傷 (Police repeatedly rip off journalists' gas mask claiming "no exemption" from anti-mask law; officer shoots Stand News reporter in the leg with bean bag round)
Stand News, October 27, 2019

Hundreds gather at paper crane folding rally to commemorate those who died during Hong Kong protests
Hong Kong Free Press, October 28, 2019

【逃犯條例】醫護界「尊重人權克制警權」集會 憂不敢求醫個案增 ("Respect human rights, restrain police power": Thousands attend medical profession assembly, criticizing police abuse and expressing concern for injured protesters who refuse to go to hospital for fear of arrest)
HK01, October 26, 2019

Broken bones, blisters and bruises: Hong Kong underground clinic volunteers grapple with influx of protest injuries
Hong Kong Free Press, October 27, 2019

「嚮往自由」內地人參與醫護集會 盼香港民主浪潮影響中國 ("Aspiring for freedom": Mainlanders join medical profession rally, hope Hong Kong's democratic movement will influence China), October 27, 2019

UK student left with brain haemorrhage in violent arrest by undercover Hong Kong officers
Telegraph, October 27, 2019

選舉主任入住安全屋 黃之鋒質疑「假都唔俾你請」(Joshua Wong criticizes delay in confirming his candidacy amid rumors that new returning officer is being kept in police safehouse; original officer goes on "indefinite vacation"), October 27, 2019

Hong Kong’s latest injunction protects police while putting press freedom at risk
Quartz, October 26, 2019

Hong Kong bans publication of police personal details, including photos
The Guardian, October 26, 2019

In Pictures: Hundreds tour cultural hotspot Chungking Mansions in support of Hong Kong’s ethnic minority community
Hong Kong Free Press, October 26, 2019

Greenpeace questions Hong Kong police claim that blue dye from water cannon is ‘harmless’
Hong Kong Free Press, October 25, 2019

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