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Hong Kong (香港)

林鄭:習近平保證不會收緊對港管治 (Xi Jinping promised not to tighten control on Hong Kong because of protests, says Carrie Lam)
Ming Pao, January 22, 2020

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam hails President Xi Jinping’s support for city as she rejects suggestions Beijing is exploiting the anti-government protests
South China Morning Post, January 22, 2020

旺角初一衝突四周年 警禁「香港本土起義」辦「勿忘魚蛋」集會 (Police bans all promotion, organization and attendance of rally on Chinese New Year in remembrance of "Fishball" riot in 2016)
Stand News, January 22, 2020

被控煽惑非法集結及拒服從警命令 劉頴匡:據《公安條例》申集會之路將盡 ("The road of lawful assemblies under Public Order Ordinance has come to an end," says Ventus Lau, organizer of lawful rally on Sunday now charged with inciting unlawful assembly), January 21, 2020

Hong Kong protests: did police use Israel’s Cellebrite hacking tech to crack protesters’ smartphones?
South China Morning Post, January 22, 2020

Hong Kong protests: hundreds gather at peaceful rallies to mark Yuen Long MTR station attack six months on
South China Morning Post, January 21, 2020

Police officers ‘received verbal warnings’ for holding reporters’ identity cards in front of live-streaming cameras during Hong Kong protests
South China Morning Post, January 22, 2020

香港大律師公會就成立獨立調查委員會的意見書 (Full text: Hong Kong Bar Association's Paper on the Establishment of a Commission of Inquiry into the Social Unrest in Hong Kong), January 21, 2020

大埔區議會通過建議保留連儂牆 政府部門書面稱不適合 (Tai Po District Council passes motion to retain iconic Lennon Tunnel; authorities refuse to attend meeting, gives written dissent)
Radio Television Hong Kong, January 21, 2020

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