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Hong Kong (香港)

Hong Kong civil servants employed from July 1 to be required in writing to swear allegiance, uphold Basic Law
South China Morning Post, July 8, 2020

Hong Kong national security law: lawyers warn of loss of checks and balances on police power as rules remove traditional judicial safeguards
South China Morning Post, July 8, 2020

‘Direct infringement’: critics air privacy concerns over Hong Kong police telecom interception powers
Hong Kong Free Press, July 8, 2020

【酒店改建國安公署揭幕】駱惠寧:國家司法制度健全 公署是「香港安全的使者」 (At open ceremony of the hotel-transformed Office for Safeguarding National Security, Luo Huining: China's legislative system is well developed; OSNS is China’s emissary for Hong Kong's security)
CitizenNews, July 8, 2020

國安公署揭幕 駱惠寧致辭全文 稱公署是國安守門人 (Full text of Luo Huining's speech on the open ceremony of the Office for Safeguarding National Security of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region)
HK01, July 8, 2020

特首稱與國安公署設協作機制 加強訊息共享及行動配合 (Carrie Lam: Hong Kong government to establish collaboration mechanism with OSNS, to enhance information exchange and collaborative actions)
Radio Television Hong Kong, July 8, 2020

国务院港澳办:坚决支持和配合驻港国家安全公署履职尽责 (Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office: Firmly support and collaborate with the OSNS to fulfill its duties and responsibilities)
Xinhua, July 8, 2020

In Hong Kong, a Proxy Battle Over Internet Freedom Begins

The New York Times, July 8, 2020

香港推出国安实施细则,中国网络控制急速移植香港 (China’s Internet control model seeps rapidly into Hong Kong as government releases National Security Law implementation rules)
Voice of America, July 8, 2020

警方膝跪壓頸制服示威者 李家超︰無計劃禁止鎖頸式武力 (Secretary for Security John Lee: No plan to ban non-lethal forces of knee-on-neck hold and chokeholds)
HK01, July 8, 2020

楊潤雄:校內不應奏唱《榮光》 築人鏈屬煽動同學 (Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung: “Glory to Hong Kong” should not play in schools; human chain is “incitement”)
HK01, July 8, 2020