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CRF 2005, No.4 - Searching for Social Justice

News Roundup: August – mid-November 2005

[CRF No.4, 2005 cover]
Why the Past Matters

Advancing Social Justice

China's Reforms and Economic Injustice

Regular Features

  • The Story of the New Policeman
    Satirical Fiction
  • Cultural Reviews

    The Corrections
    Roger Garside reviews Mao:The Unknown Story, by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday

    Choosing to Remember
    Carol Wang reviews Priscilla Hayner's Unspeakable Truths: Facing the Challenge of Truth Commissions.

    Have You Looked in Your Jeans Pocket Lately?
    Sharon Hom reviews China Blue, a documentary on Chinese migrant workers.

    Mimesis 2046
    Mike Wang reviews Wong Kar Wai's latest film, 2046.

  • Resource List:
    Internet Web sites and other resources related to social justice
  • In Custody:
    People detained for state security crimes
  • Prisoner Profile
    Zhang Lin
  • Action
    What you can do about the issues discussed
  • HRIC Bulletin
    HRIC's activities in August ¨C October 2005
  • Incorporating Responsibility 2008 Campaign
    A summary of progress to date