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Cheng Hai Requests a Hearing after Being Notified that His License to Practice Will Be Administratively Suspended

August 23, 2014

On August 22, 2014, lawyer Cheng Hai received a notice from the Changping District Bureau of Justice in Beijing informing him that the bureau planned to administratively suspend his license to practice for one year. The reason given for the suspension was that Cheng had “disrupted court order during a trial” and “interfered in the normal functioning of prosecutorial activities" during the time he was defending New Citizens Movement activist Ding Jiaxi. The notice also informed Cheng that he had the right to request a hearing. On the following day, Cheng posted this statement on his weibo, stating that he had requested a hearing and also for the government to publicize the information used as the basis for the proposed penalty against him.

In the statement Cheng argues, in the case of Ding Jiaxi, who was prosecuted for advocating for the disclosure of officials’ assets and education equality, it was “clearly the public security, procuratorate, and court personnel who broke the law and committed crimes on a large-scale. But when the lawyer [Cheng] withdrew from the court to file a complaint with the responsible bodies, in accordance with the law, he was retaliated against, slanderously accused of ‘disrupting court order during a trial,’ and punished.” Cheng claims that the personnel in violation of the law are “inverting right and wrong,” and that judicial officers are taking part in a new form of “law breaking.”







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