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Lawyer Lin Qilei Reports on Li Xiaoling’s Condition

June 7, 2017

On the afternoon of June 7, Lin Qilei met with Guangdong rights activist Li Xiaoling at the Beijing Xicheng District Detention Center. In the meeting, Li said that previously, because of delay caused by the Zhuhai police, the treatment she had received in Guangzhou for her acute glaucoma was not effective. Li believes the action by the police was in direct retaliation for her petitioning vigil.

On June 3, Li held a “Li Xiaoling’s June 4 Walk of Light” near Beijing’s National Theater, with banners and lit candles to protest her treatment by the Zhuhai police. On the morning of June 4, she was taken to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Xicheng Branch, and then to a maximum security cell in the Xicheng District Detention Center in the early afternoon of the next day where she was not allowed to leave her cell for air or make purchases in the detention center. Her doctor had ordered that she use three kinds of eye drops every two hours, but she was only able to use them three times a day, and she has severe eye pain. Her lawyers did not have sufficient time to obtain Li’s signature for prescription refills before the guard said, “time’s up,” and took her away. Reportedly the six or seven other so-called “co-defendants” are all being detained in the Xicheng Detention Center on charges of "picking quarrels and provoking troubles."