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Wang Yu and Bao Longjun in my eyes

December 6, 2015

I met the beautiful and poised Wang Yu and the simple and honest Bao Longjun in June 2013. I hired lawyers Wang and Bao after receiving a call from Suzhou Huqiu People’s Court concerning the suit against Suzhou Jianxin Construction Group’s project manager, Ding Jianxin, who had destroyed Ge Jueping’s house. After receiving a court summons for August 19, 2013, Wang Yu and Liu Xiaoyuan came to Suzhou to represent Jueping’s case for us. In court, lawyer Wang Yu argued forcefully for justice, and was not afraid of the presiding judge who threatened her and repeatedly interrupted her defense. Lawyers Wang Yu and Liu Xiaoyuan’s brilliant defense arguments won the enthusiastic applause of the hundred or more people present observing the case. Ding Jianxin was sentenced to three years in prison, with a three-year reprieve. Currently, an appeal has been submitted to Jiangsu Higher People’s Court. I am requesting that Wang Yu continue to represent us.

Bao Longjun is straightforward and honest. He represented us in many administrative ligation cases and offered a lot of legal assistance to rights defenders in Suzhou. Many rights defenders in Suzhou call him “the wonderful man.” Each time he came to Suzhou, he always said to me, “Sister, let’s not go to a restaurant. Let’s save money by eating at home. I love the braised pork you make.” Bao Longjun, I am waiting for you, hoping for the time you can come to my home and eat my home-cooked braised pork.

Human rights lawyers are the real defenders of the law! Yesterday they pleaded for us—today we petition for them! Human rights lawyers and rights defenders are innocent!

Lu Guoying, Suzhou Citizen
December 6, 2015

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