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Eyewitness Account of Lawyer Being Beaten Outside Courthouse

April 13, 2013

Four Beijing rights defense lawyers—Cheng Hai (程海), Liang Xiaojun (梁小军), Wang Quanzhang (王全章), and Han Zhiguang (韩志广)—had planned to appear in a hearing for 13 Falun Gong practitioners being charged in a Dalian Court, Liaoning Province, on April 12.

The night before, April 11, the four lawyers received a notice from the court that the hearing was being postponed. They went to the courthouse nonetheless on the morning of April 12, but found the road to the courthouse blocked and many plainclothes policemen in the vicinity. The lawyers were barred from entering the courthouse. Two of the lawyers, 61-year-old Cheng Hai and Han Zhiguang, were forcibly taken onto a bus. During the process, Cheng Hai was beaten and his phones and bags were taken away. The two lawyers were sent to the nearby Dalian Municipal Communist Youth League.

For Liang Xiaojun’s full account and photos, click here. (Chinese only)

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