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A Gathering of Former Christian “Prisoners of Conscience” in advance of June Fourth

June 3, 2013

Nine Christians, all former prisoners of conscience, gathered together in Beijing on May 31. In his sermon, Xu Yonghai, the head of the Divine Love Group of the Beijing Christian House Church, prayed for all who were killed, injured, and jailed because of the June Fourth crackdown on the 1989 Democracy Movement. Xu also prayed for those who are currently under house-arrest because of the 24th anniversary of June Fourth. Xu said, people need to study the bible in order to combat the rampant corruption in today’s China. He urges the U.S. to stop supporting China’s state-sanctioned Three-Self Patriotic church, which has monopolized the publication of Chinese bibles on the mainland, so that Chinese people can buy bibles freely in book stores.