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The New Citizens' Movement: Situation and Mission

August 9, 2013

This article says that one can wait for the collapse of the Communist regime, since its resources are already exhausted, but one should not wait for civil society in China to come—one must begin building it now. Li says that the criminal detention of Xu Zhiyong and some 40 other citizens marks a turning point, and that the proliferation of these types of “citizen groups” will transform China.

The article defines the New Citizens’ Movement as either a political or social movement, which not only strives to end China’s dictatorial system and implement a constitutional system, but also serves society and cultivates citizen awareness. People are the starting point of the Movement because to change a system, people must first change themselves, and their fight should be based on love, not hatred. It also says the Movement is an open platform, and the “Citizen Watch Project” is to help every prisoner of conscience. Finally, it says the purpose of the Movement is to achieve the democratic transformation of mainland China by the minimum price and lowest cost. It calls for New Citizens to overcome their fears and to put their ideas into practice.