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Daily News Brief

Tuesday, March 3, 2020 - 14:05

'Unprecedented' mental health issues seen in Hong Kong amid COVID-19 fears
Channel News Asia, March 03, 2020

In Pictures: Officers ‘moved some objects,’ say police after force accused of destroying tributes to dead student
Hong Kong Free Press, March 03, 2020

Hong Kong’s face mask shortage highlights injustice inflicted on vulnerable communities
Hong Kong Free Press, March 03, 2020

預算案評分跌至40分創新低 香港民研鍾劍華:派錢買唔到人心 (Public opinion polls show 40% approval of the Hong Kong budget for 2020-2021, a historic low; expert: you can't buy support )
The Stand News, March 03, 2020

接受《彭博》專訪 陳茂波稱不排除開徵銷售稅 (Hong Kong government to consider collecting sales tax)
The Stand News, March 03, 2020

深水埗露宿者稱遭便衣警毀家當、踩下陰 團體轟警可恥促道歉賠償 (Homeless in Sham Shui Po who were attacked and shamed by police demand apology and compensation)
The Stand News, March 03, 2020

隔離中心冇招標 中資食水特別深?(Are Chinese contractors profiting inequitably from no-bid contracts for t building emergency quarantine facilities?)
The Stand News, March 03, 2020

林鄭未否認向中央呈「篤背脊」「利用抗疫翻盤」報告 (Carrie Lam denies “blaming the protests for the failures of the anti-outbreak policies” and “accusing pro-establishment camp for abandoning her” in leaked report to Beijing)
The Stand News, March 03, 2020

滯留湖北其他地區港人冀政府加快安排協助返港 (Hong Kongers trapped in Hubei and other regions in mainland China urge government to speed up evacuation process)
Radio Television Hong Kong, March 03, 2020

Hong Kong Journalists Hit Out at Police After Weekend of Renewed Protests
Radio Free Asia, March 02, 2020

Hong Kong Has Contained Coronavirus So Far — But At A Significant Cost
NPR, March 01, 2020

Monday, March 2, 2020 - 15:03

Coronavirus: mask shortage among city’s most vulnerable has wealthy Hongkongers taking matters into their own hands
South China Morning Post, March 02, 2020

「只影警不影暴亂群眾」 馬逢國批部分傳媒不持平 (LegCo member, Ma Fung-kwok, criticizes some media outlets for being biased)
Mingpao, March 2, 2020

《立場》向警提 10 宗投訴 半數涉警無理動粗 鏡頭展示記者身分證 警指待私隠署調查 (The Stand News has submitted a total of 10 complaints against the Hong Kong Police Force )
The Stand News, March 2, 2020

香港攝影記者協會 強烈譴責警方襲擊記者 (Hong Kong Press Photographers Association condemns the Hong Kong Police Force for attacking journalists)
The Stand News, March 1, 2020

In Pictures: Tear gas, pepper spray, 115 arrests during clashes in Mong Kok, as police officer pulls gun on protesters
Hong Kong Free Press, March 01, 2020

Hong Kong police fire tear gas as black-clad protesters return to streets
Reuters, February 29, 2020

Hong Kong police arrest 115 after biggest outbreak of protest violence since coronavirus crisis
South China Morning Post, February 29, 2020

拒設公眾「連儂牆」 食環署:令社會更分化 衍生違法事件損國際形象 (Islands District Council rejects plan for Lennon Wall in Tung Chung, cites concern over worsening social segregation and damage to Hong Kong's international image resulting from unlawful incidents)
The Stand News, March 2, 2020

美國國務院關注黎智英被捕 中國外交部︰粗暴干涉香港事務 促停止為反中亂港分子撐腰 (U.S. State Department is monitoring Jimmy Lai's arrest; China MFA: This is interfering with Hong Kong's affairs, stop supporting people who oppose China and stirring trouble in Hong Kong)
The Stand News, March 2, 2020

李卓人被捕後獲准保釋 批評警方「大算帳」(Lee Cheuk-yan released on bail)
Radio Television Hong Kong, February 28, 2020

香港每一千個年輕人就有四個曾經被捕 (4 in 1,000 of young people in Hong Kong have arrest records)
The Stand News, February 29, 2020

Hong Kong asylum seekers hit by Taiwan’s coronavirus travel ban
South China Morning Post, February 29, 2020

Thursday, February 27, 2020 - 00:36

China’s Military Can’t Deliver on Humanitarian Promises
Foreign Policy, February 26, 2020

Dear Chairman Xi, It’s Time for You to Go
China File, February 26, 2020

What Ails The People’s Daily?
China Media Project, February 24, 2020

Monday, February 24, 2020 - 05:46

【 10.6 深水埗】撞人的士司機至今未被起訴 許智峯提私人檢控危險駕駛 (Legislator Ted Hui files private prosecution on taxi driver who drove into protest crowd but has not been put to criminal investigation)
Stand News, February 24, 2020

Hong Kong police watchdog has no power to scrutinise complaint about officer ‘ramming’ motorbike into protesters
Hong Kong Free Press, February 21, 2020

Acting vice-principal at Hong Kong school suspended for sharing poem that wished death on police and their families
South China Morning Post, February 24, 2020

何君堯等發起聯署促 23 條立法 聲稱逾 10 萬人參與 光頭警長微博籲全國全民聯署 (Junius Ho starts public petition to urge art.23 legislation)
Stand News, February 24, 2020

《蘋果》指林鄭向北京呈報告 賴暴亂、醫護罷工阻抗疫 篤建制派、行會成員背脊 (In leaked report to Beijing, Carrie Lam blames protests for failures in anti-outbreak policies; accuses pro-establishment camp for abandoning her; orders Hospital Authority to fire medical staff who took part in strike; and says outbreak in Hong Kong is "precious chance for U-turn for September elections")
Stand News, February 22, 2020

港《蘋果》密件揭林鄭向北京獻計 藉抗疫令建制選情轉危為機 (Leaked report reveals Carrie Lam proposed to Beijing to use viral outbreak as opportunity to help pro-establishment camp win LegCo elections in September)
Apple Daily, February 22, 2020

【武漢肺炎】員工陣線批抗疫物資數字不盡不實 醫管局:數字準確 裝備夠一個月使用 (Union slams Hospital Authority for misleading figures on supply of protective gear amidst clear shortage, concerned as procedural standards are lowered to make up for lack of supplies, risking patient and staff safety)
Stand News, February 20, 2020

醫管局降低隔離病房保護衣規格 Dirty team醫生黃任匡:打擊前線士氣 埋身護理Level 1未必夠阻隔病毒 (Hospital Authority lowers standards for protective clothing worn in quarantine wards but denies shortage)
Citizen News, February 23, 2020

張超雄斥300億抗疫基金「救市不救人」 朱凱廸:香港俾功能組別害死 (Funding aid from government saves the market not the people, slams pan-dems), February 21, 2020

政府斥15億資助本地生產口罩 民主派質疑明益工聯會 (Government allots funding for local facemasks production, but face accusations of profiting pro-Beijing camp), February 21, 2020

Coronavirus: Hong Kong’s low-income families struggling to afford masks and disinfectant, new study claims
South China Morning Post, February 23, 2020

Protests over Yuen Long feature beer, champagne as some celebrate Hong Kong police officer’s coronavirus infection
South China Morning Post, February 21, 2020

Tuesday, February 18, 2020 - 15:01

To Tame Coronavirus, Mao-Style Social Control Blankets China
The New York Times, February 19, 2020

Talking Out of Both Sides of the Face Mask: Propaganda and Practice in the Age of Coronavirus
Human Rights in China, February 14, 2020

Facial recognition: Concerns over China's widespread surveillance
The New York Times, February 19, 2020

China reports 1,300 more coronavirus cases among medical workers
South China Morning Post, February 18, 2020

China's Doctors, Fighting the Coronavirus, Beg for Masks
Radio France Internationale, February 15, 2020

Coronavirus: vital to stop human-to-human spread in Wuhan, says China’s top expert as death toll hits 1,868
South China Morning Post, February 18, 2020

'Don't be kidnapped by China': Taiwan tells WHO in bid for separate virus tally
Reuters, February 18, 2020

广西网民订购4000只口罩 竟来自“武汉总工会”及“救援物资” (Guangxi netizens order 4,000 masks and “rescue materials” from Wuhan Federation of Trade Unions, February 18, 2020

China sees fall in coronavirus deaths but WHO urges caution
Reuters, February 17, 2020

Scared and exposed: Rise in virus cases among China's medics
Al Jazeera, February 17, 2020

China's Leader, Under Fire, Says He Led Coronavirus Fight Early On
Reuters, February 16, 2020

Coronavirus: China enacts tighter restrictions in Hubei
BBC, February 16, 2020

Coronavirus: 70 more cases on Japan cruise ship as China infections pass 68,000
The Guardian, February 15, 2020

Nepal Border Agreement With China Sparks Fears Among Tibetans
Radio Free Asia, February 14, 2020

Li Wenliang’s death exposes the costs of China’s authoritarianism
The Economist, February 13, 2020